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Reduction of Maximum Group Number

The group may reduce its maximum group number without penalty prior to six (6) months before the opening day of the group activity. Inside six (6) months, the penalty will be forfeiture of the facility fee (20%) of the per person total fee for the number of people reduced. If we are able to rebook the space, the penalty will be waived and refunded. The maximum number may not be reduced within three (3) months prior to the retreat dates.

Increase of Maximum Group Number

If the group needs more space than the maximum initially reserved, the group MUST call Twin Pines first to make sure more space is available. An increase of ten (10) or more will require an additional deposit and will change the minimum number based on the policy listed above under the Facility Reservation Fee and Guaranteed Occupancy sections above.

General Policies

The group will be expected to sign a contract signifying agreement with respect to the purpose and beliefs of Twin Pines and that the group further agrees to do nothing by word or action that will in any way offend the testimony of this ministry.

Twin Pines reserves the right to charge an additional fee if, for any reason, additional cleaning is required. Also, damage to buildings and/or equipment as the result of vandalism or lack of supervision, will be charged to the guest group on a time and material basis. A fee will also be charged to the group for any lost guest room or meeting room keys.

All youth groups must be supervised at all times by the appropriate age and number of chaperones. Supervision guidelines will be provided by Twin Pines. Twin Pines defines youth as anyone under the age of 18 years.

Audio visual equipment will be supplied upon request at no charge. However, any damaged or missing equipment will be billed to the guest group at replacement cost.

Tampering with smoke alarms and/or fire extinguishers is considered a serious safety violation and will be charged at a rate of $50.00 per tampered unit. Use of candles and/or incense in guest rooms or meeting rooms is prohibited.

The use of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, firearms, explosives, gasoline and/or any other flammables is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED at Twin Pines. Twin Pines is a smoke-free facility; smoking is absolutely not permitted in any building and is discouraged on the grounds as well.

Pets of any kind are not permitted to be brought along by guests using these facilities.

Campfires are only permitted in designated areas. Twin Pines staff will direct the group to campfire areas.

The use of skateboards and rollerblades is prohibited on the grounds.

Light snacks will be permitted in the meeting areas. However, cooking by guest groups is strictly prohibited in any camp buildings, including the use of crock pots, electric frying pans, table top ovens, microwaves, toasters, etc.

Cell phone use should be limited to non-public areas (preferably not in the center of camp) and should not infringe upon the rights of other guests. Cell phones should be set on silent (vibrate) mode.

Current guest groups have the first option to rebook the same amount of space and type of accommodations for the following year. If additional space is needed by any particular group, it ill be booked based upon availability. Upgrades will also be based upon availability.

Out of respect to other guest groups and our local neighbors, the use of amplified sound or loud instruments should be kept at a reasonable level and is not permitted after 10:30 PM. Quiet hours should be observed between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

Final Payment of Account

It is understood that all expenses, including part-time participants, and/or any additional charges must be paid by the end of the afternoon of the second day of the group activity. It is preferable that the final payment be made with a church or organization check, cash, credit card, or money order.

Part-Time Participants

Part-time participants must be included in the guest group's advance registration process. For individuals who find it impossible to participate for the entire length of your scheduled activity, please contact the Twin Pines Guest Group Coordinator for spcial part-time pricing information. Part-time participants must be included in the Advance Registration but do not count toward the minimum number of people required by your contract. Part-time rates must be arranged prior to arrival, otherwise, full fees will be charged for all participants.

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