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Retreat Planner Guide

A Must-Read Article For Retreat Planners

This timeless article, written in 2003, by Mike Yaconelli is more appropriate to today than Mike could ever have imagined. While written specifically to camp administrators, there is much in this brief article for retreat planners to consider as well. If time constraints are a problem, please, at least, read the parts of the article that we have highlighted. Your retreat program will be moved to a higher level and will definitely meet more people at their point of need.

PDF: Is This Christian Camping?

Retreat Planning

Retreat Planning Made Simple

Planning for a retreat involves much more than selecting dates and a place to hold the retreat. Download our 22 page retreat planning guide by clicking on the link below. This will guide you through everything from pre-planning to follow-up after the retreat is over. This will help to eliminate the unwanted surprises encountered by not thinking about some of the details.

PDF: Retreat Planner

Adult Volunteer Programs (summer and year-round)

Twin Pines is a people intensive ministry - it involves people ministering to people and people serving people. We invite adults (21 years and older) to come and assist us. For summer, look over the brochure and download a copy of the Volunteer Application (summer) and a copy of the Abuse Form and send both forms to the camp address. For year-round, download a copy of the Volunteer Application (year-round) and a copy of the Abuse Form and send both forms to the camp address. We will process the forms and get back in touch with you regarding dates, etc. We do not accept parents as adult volunteers during the time when their children are attending camp.

PDF: Adult Volunteer Brochure
PDF: Adult Volunteer Application (summer)
PDF: Adult Volunteer Application (year-round)
PDF: Volunteer Abuse Form

Personal Renewal Retreats

Realizing that ministry folks occasionally need to get away for some rest and relaxation or need a quiet place to think and plan, Twin Pines has provided a cozy cottage with sleeping accommodations for a couple or small family. Personal Renewal Retreats are provided for full-time ministry folks. Pine Lodge has a table and chairs and a small refrigerator and microwave oven in addition to sleeping accommodations. For more details on Personal Renewal Retreats at Twin Pines email our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can download a Personal Renewal Retreat brochure by clicking on the link below.

PDF: Personal Renewal Brochure

Scholarship Funds

Availability of Scholarship Funds

Twin Pines has limited scholarship funds available to help campers with limited resources have the privilege of the camp experience. Scholarship funds are made available through the generosity of donors who share our desire to make the camping experience available to the most people possible. Since these funds are limited, we cannot guarantee that your request will be granted. We handle requests on an "as received" basis. When the funds are all assigned to campers who have requested assistance, scholarships for that season will no longer be available.

To apply for a scholarship simply download the Scholarship Request Form, fill it our, and mail it to Twin Pines.

PDF: Scholarship Request Form

Summer Staff Application

Summer Staff Application

Are you looking for a great summer ministry opportunity? Look no further! Twin Pines has an opportunity for you, we are currently looking for summer staff and have several positions available. If you are between the ages of 15 and 17 consider applying for one of our specialty staff positions. If you are 18 or older consider applying to be a counselor. This is a great opportunity to impact the lives of campers and show them the love of Jesus! The application listed below should be printed and filled out and then mailed to camp. If you have any questions email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Executive Director.

PDF: Summer staff Application


Guest Group - Liability Policy

For the convenience of Guest Group planners, we have placed our Guest Group Liability Policy on this resource page.

PDF: Liability Policy



Do you want to know the latest news about Twin Pines?

PDF: Current Pinelines Edition

CampSight On-line Magazine

Read the Christian Camp and Conference Association On-Line Magazine

The Christian Camp and Conference Association produces an excellent on-line magazine called "CampSight" which contains many helpful articles about camp in today's culture. Click on the link below to go directly to this on-line resource.

LINK: CampSight

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Twin Pines Official "Facebook" Page

This link will take you to our official "Facebook" page where you can connect with the Twin Pines community, share your experiences at Twin Pines, re-connect with old friends, and receive periodic announcements and news. If you are not a member of "Facebook," you will need to sign-up in order to participate in this online community. This is a fairly active community; you will want to come back often to see what is happening. Please join in on the F-U-N with your friends who share your love for this very special place where you can still "hear HIM here"!!!

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