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Penalty for Low Registration

If the guest groups' final count falls below the minimum number as established by the Guaranteed Occupancy section above, the group will be expected to pay the full price for the minimum number agreed on in the contract.

Group Advance Registration

Three weeks prior to the opening days of the activity, a nonrefundable advance registration fee of $10.00 per person is due at Twin Pines. Part-time participants must be included in this count. A copy of the retreat schedule should be sent to the camp with this advance registration. Failure to submit this advance registration on time will result in a penalty of $50.00 being added to your final bill. The advance registration is the number Twin Pines will use for the final preparation for the guest group.

Cancellation Policies

The guest group may cancel their contract which cancels the activity without penalty so long as that cancellation is provided to Twin Pines, in writing, prior to six (6) months before the opening date of the activity.

Cancellations within six (6) months, but prior to three (3) months, of the opening day of your activity will require payment by the guest group in the amount of 50% of the full payment for the maximum number for which space was reserved.

Cancellations within three (3) months prior to the opening day of your activity will require full payment for the maximum number for which space was reserved.

In all cases, Twin Pines will try to resell the space made available by the group's cancellation. If we are successful in filling this space, all monies will be refunded after the scheduled activity dates.

Guaranteed Occupancy

When a group activity is booked, Twin Pines immediately reserves rooms to cover the maximum number. Adjustments to the maximum number may be made within the parameters set forth in the Reduction of Maximum Group Number and Increase of Maximum Group Number paragraphs. The minimum number your group is required to guarantee is determined as follows: (1) For groups whose maximum number is 49 or less people, the required minimum is 80% of the maximum number; OR (2) for groups whose maximum is 50 or more people, the required minimum is 90% of the maximum number. Penalties will apply if the actual number falls below the minimum number for which you reserved space (see Penalty For Low Registration paragraph below). Part-time participants do not count toward the minimum number of people required by your contract. Twin Pines reserves the right to book multiple groups, using your reservation to determine available space.


Reduction of Maximum Group Number

The group may reduce its maximum group number without penalty prior to six (6) months before the opening day of the group activity. Inside six (6) months, the penalty will be forfeiture of the facility fee (20%) of the per person total fee for the number of people reduced. If we are able to rebook the space, the penalty will be waived and refunded. The maximum number may not be reduced within three (3) months prior to the retreat dates. (return to top)

Increase of Maximum Group Number

If the group needs more space than the maximum initially reserved, the group MUST call Twin Pines first to make sure more space is available. An increase of ten (10) or more will require an additional deposit and will change the minimum number based on the policy listed above under the Facility Reservation Fee and Guaranteed Occupancy sections above.

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